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What is a carat in diamond?

diamond carat

You might have heard of 22, 24 and other carat gradings for Gold which determines the ratio of copper added to the metal alloy. But when it comes to diamond, it is completely different. Carat in diamond suggests the weight of the diamond.

One carat equals 0.2 grams. Considering the heavy price tag and very light weight of diamonds, each carat is further divided into points. 1 Carat will actually have 100 points.

Although the carat plays a part in the price tag, you should also consider the weight distribution in the diamond. To be more clear, if most of the diamond weight is to the bottom part of the diamond, it’s value is down. Likewise, there are a lot of other complicated factors.

You must also note that carat solely does not define the price of a diamond and there are a lot of other factors playing in it. The merchants usually never explain each of them to regular shoppers and just like the secret of weight distribution in carat, every factor will have its own secret that you have to sort out to exactly find how much a diamond is worth.

Obviously you cannot attend college and get a gemology degree or something similar to know all the secrets. There is actually 4 ‘C’s to it. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Each of them have their own gradings and the price is proportionate to them.

For example, colorless diamonds are the best and VS1 clarity is the best. The price difference between VS1 and 2 is high but the visible difference is not. So better ask for these details and compare the diamonds in front of your eye before buying.

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