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What is a Blue-White Diamond?

blue diamond

Blue-White Diamond is an old term used by jewelers of old age and now the FTC is carefully controlling the use of this term because of its misuse and scams in the past.

Blue light in the diamond actually refers to its fluorescence under UV light where it glows or emits blue colored light. Although jewelers say these diamonds are of high value, never trust them. Fluorescence will actually make the diamond shine less in light or even appears milky under sunlight and this heavily reduces the value of the diamond.

Fluorescence does give an advantage to a minimal extent when it is at minimal levels. If you know a little more about diamonds, you’re probably aware of the fact that colorless diamonds have more value and as the yellow tinge increases, the value reduces. Fluorescence will actually reduce the impact of yellow tinge at minimal levels. So in perfect level of fluorescence, slight yellow diamonds may appear colorless increasing the value to the diamond.

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