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How to Buy an Engagement Ring?

engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is once-in-a-lifetime for most. A perfect engagement ring does have a positive impact on your relationship and taking it further to the next level.

Of course the love you have on your partner matters much in your relationship, a perfect engagement ring is an added benefit that will keep her happy and smiling every time when she looks at it. On the other way, if your ring doesn’t satisfy her much, although she may still accept your proposal, every time when she looks at the ring, she is going to get a little depression and you don’t want that.

That being said, probably by now you understand how much the engagement ring matters on your relationship. And finding such a beautiful diamond ring, is definitely a daunting task because for most people it’s the first time and they have no experience in shopping for diamonds before.

Unlike Gold or any other metal whose price is directly proportional to it’s weight, when it comes to diamond, the situation is completely different. You can say, the price of the diamond is determined by its beauty. And the beauty of the diamond depends on a lot of complicated factors which the merchants usually never explain to regular shoppers.

Two diamonds looking alike to naked eye in every aspect may have a price difference of even more than thousand dollars based on the minute change in the factors behind them. While you obviously go for the inexpensive one, merchants never want to show them to you because they want to sell expensive ones and also you were un-informed.

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Do Diamonds have a good resale value?

diamond resaleLet’s begin with the bad news. First of all, you won’t actually get what you paid. Unless, you have purchased the diamond long, long ago, to get the original price or even with an extra markup depending on the current market conditions.

Most importantly, the price of diamonds is not determined by its weight like other jewelry. For example, the price of Gold is directly proportional to it’s weight. However, the price of diamond is completely dependent on its beauty.

Many times, you won’t even get half of what you paid. The reason is because; there are a lot of pricing factors to the diamond you buy. To be more precise, the profit margins on jewels are high. It’s not the merchants who should be blamed but the customers who are willing to pay a hefty price for shiny stone and metals. As the demand increases, so does the price too.

One more hard fact is the tax and additional surcharges you pay for buying the jewels. Later when you decided to sell them back, the tax and additional price you paid is completely ignored in the price evaluation.

Additional surcharges also include the duty and other customs charges if you import the jewels which are really high when compared to any other goods imported.

Next comes the usage. Most second-hand jewelry will have been worn, subjecting it to wear, tear, and possible damage. This will reduce its value further.

Fashion factors should also be considered which keeps changing constantly. If a particular designer jewel is highly fashionable today, it’s price tag is definitely going to be hefty. Tomorrow when something new comes out, the price may drop drastically.

And lastly, some people avoid buying a second-hand diamond ring or other piece of jewelry for various personal and sentimental reasons.

Almost every merchant explains that diamonds have a good value so they could make you buy without doubts. After reading all of the above, you will not be surprised to hear that diamonds have a very less resale value. You will know this only when you actually sell your diamond.

But no one wishes to sell their diamond at any point of time. Due to the hefty price and it’s preciousness, the stone is always tied to a sweet memory and that is the main reason not to sell at any cost. Keeping this in mind, never worry about the resale value and let that not be an hindrance while you buy a diamond ring or any diamond jewelry.

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How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

diamond engagement ringWell, you don’t need to sell your house for a diamond ring as your someone special wouldn’t need materials to understand the love you have for her. This might be an ideal answer but in reality you need more clear and precise answer.

It is often said that a person should spend 3 times his monthly pay on an engagement ring. This will still be a rough estimation only. Say you’re jobless or earn nothing but pennies? Can you imagine a diamond ring? Does it mean you can never love or never gift her anything? Absolutely not!

It that was true, then only the millionaires can love and gift diamond rings to their partner. So there is absolutely not a defined answer for this question. How much you should actually spend on the ring is how much ever you could afford for it.

Even if you could afford a lot, and buy the most precious diamond in the world, if your partner didn’t like the diamond, still it’s considered worthless. Well at least in her eyes, it’s worthless. So first understand your partner better.

By the time you’re ready for the proposal, make sure you know enough about her. What she likes, dis-likes and sorts. Then try to match something within your budget to her liking and finally go for it!

But when it comes to diamond, did you know you can get beautiful diamonds at a great deal compared to expensive ones? It’s quite tricky but once you learn all the factors that define the beauty and price of the diamond, it is then easy as a snap.

If you’re an easy goer, first fix a budget, the max you’re willing to spend on the ring. Visit your favorite diamond retailers or trusted merchants. Tell them your budget and let them show you their collection. Filter our what doesn’t appeal much and find the best of the rest. Once you’ve got it, look closely and see if it speaks to your mind. Repeat the same on a couple of other stores and check out who gives the best deal. Go for it!

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